Exhibition in progress
Foto Sciamanna ROMA
Spring 2020


The project “Urban Metamorphosis” describes the transformations of the urban landscapes of Brussels. Such transformations, starting during the ‘60 and still going on, modified and modifies deeply the public appearance of the town in many place, especially in the so called "European quartier".
Interesting is the relationship between pre-existing urban tissue and the buildings that, time over time, were built to host European institution and related offices.
Remarkable is the continuous modification of styles of the “new” constructions that substituted the old one. However a complete renovation was impossible, due to the resistance of previous houses. That sort of opposition saved a number of  “ancient”  building and produced a superposition of styles and typologies that now appears juxtaposed and created contrasts or more harmonic ensemble.
The most recent buildings date since 2000, in international style, show a much attention to aesthetic canons of architectures with respect to the 60’ and 70’ ones, inspired to an immediate and more severe and austere style. The contrast seems even more accentuated.
The photographic project, started in 2016 and ongoing, consists of analogue photos printed on ADOX barite paper 30 x 30 in traditional process, from medium format negative obtained with Rolleiflex. The results here shown are scan from the original paper print.
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